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HB002/SB78- Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS) Pilot (Rep. Ford, Rep. Cassidy). Provides a pathway for the regulation, licensure, and piloting of an OPS in Chicago. Establishes an advisory committee to advise the Department of Human Services/Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery on the rules, regulations, and development of Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS). 

HB 1121– Overdose Prevention Testing (Rep. Guzzardi). Authorizes a trained individual to reverse an overdose by a Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DOPP) to provide fentanyl test strips and other drug adulterant testing supplies to another individual. 

SB 2223 - The Drug Education & Youth Overdose Prevention Act (Sen. Fine, Rep. Mason). Requires the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to improve K-12 public school drug education and guidelines for educators, parents, caregivers, and community members. Requires expansion of evidence-based, reality-based, and comprehensive efforts to include information around NARCAN and fentanyl test strips for high school students.

HB 1468Family Care Plans for Infants (Rep. Ford). The Family Care Plans for Infants and Families Act requires the Department of Public Health to collaborate with other state agencies on developing guidelines for medical centers and private insurers on how to conduct a family needs assessment and create a family care plan after an infant is born exhibiting signs of withdrawal from a controlled substance or medication.

HB 001 - Illinois Cure Act (Rep. Ford). The Compassionate Use and Research of Entheogens Act creates a regulatory program for the supported adult use of the entheogen psilocybin. It will allow other natural entheogenic medicines to be reviewed for future inclusion by a newly created Illinois Entheogen Advisory Board. 

SB 1830- Reducing Barriers to Recovery Act (Sen. Sims). The Reducing Barriers to Recovery Act would reclassify the penalty for possessing small amounts of drugs from a felony to a Class A misdemeanor. It enables people arrested for low-level drug possession to continue living/working in their communities while connecting them with behavioral and addiction treatment services.

HB 3203- (Amends) The Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction Act (Rep. McCombie). Provides that a pharmacist may sell fentanyl test strips over-the-counter to the public. Authorizes county health departments to distribute fentanyl test strips for no fee. Removes materials and equipment used to test for the presence of fentanyl is not labeled "drug paraphernalia."

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